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Adventure Plus Reunion
Booking & Guest Information Form

For more information on this camp, please click HERE

In order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, please complete the following form as fully as possible.  If, at the time of booking you do not have all the information we require please just complete as much as possible and fill in the blanks with 'n/a' or 'unknown' and we will ask you again nearer the time.

On receipt of this form we will send a booking letter and invoice for you to complete and return.

Click HERE to read our Terms & Conditions, which must be agreed to to reserve a place.  This document includes our policies on photography, insurance and cancellation, and anti-social behaviour. 

If you would prefer to pay the full amount in one installment, as opposed to paying an initial deposit and the remainder at a later date, then please select the apropriate tick box at the bottom of the form.

Additional charges may apply for pick ups and drop offs.  Please contact the centre for details. 


Ski Ability (1-5) 

Level 1 - Can't yet snowplough (includes complete beginners) 
Level 2 - Can snowplough
Level 3 - Snowplough turns
Level 4 - Rough parallel turns
Level 5 - Parallel turn

Snowboarding is offered on a first-come first-served basis for people over the age of 12.  When listing day experience, please indicate if this was on a dryslope with DS.

Medical Agreement: 

"I have approved the above details and I agree in the event of any accident or other situation demanding an immediate decision, and in the event of it not being possible or practical to contact me, that the Operations Director or, in his absence, a senior member of staff should act in my place in that situation.  In the event of illness or accident, I give permission for any necessary medical treatment to be given by the nominated first-aider.  In an emergency and if I can’t be contacted, I am willing for my child to receive hospital treatment, including anaesthetic if necessary."

 Yes please